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This is a free service available to current OOIDA members. Anyone is able to view and respond to ads, but only current members may post a classified. You MUST be logged in to OOIDA Members Only in order to login to the classifieds. If you are not currently logged into Members Only, you will be prompted to prior to being able to login to the classifieds.

Although material contributed to the OOIDA Classifieds is contributed by OOIDA members, OOIDA does not endorse or sponsor any of the advertisements. All new ads will be reviewed prior to being approved for display in OOIDA Classifieds.

Please read the posting notice below as it has been updated.


The following guidelines MUST be met before an ad will be considered for approval for our FREE Classifieds:

1. Ads cannot be in conflict of interest to any of the benefits and/or programs that OOIDA offers.

Benefits and programs that cannot be offered or referenced to are:

  • Truck Insurance
  • Medical Benefits
  • Drug Testing
  • Collection Compliance
  • Fuel Cards
  • Permits
  • Licensing
  • Authority
  • Loadboards

2. Ads posted by recruiters are not allowed and will be deleted without notice.

3. Ads from individuals or small business owners who own/operate UNDER 5 trucks will be considered subject to approval by the administrator and must only be looking for drivers or leased-owner operators.

4. Ads from individuals looking for a job are acceptable pending approval.

5. Ads posted by dealers or dealerships are not acceptable and will be deleted without notice.