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OOIDA Foundation releases videos explaining new hours-of-service changes

Changes take effect Sept. 29

The OOIDA Foundation, which is the research affiliate of the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, created and released a series of free, online videos explaining the recent changes to hours-of-service regulations.

The hours-of-service regulations were revised by the agency that oversees commercial vehicle safety, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, earlier this year and take effect Sept. 29. The modifications are aimed at giving drivers more flexibility within four key areas including the short haul exemption, adverse driving conditions, 30-minute rest break and split sleeper, all of which are covered in the series of videos.

“While we think more changes are needed, the updated rule is intended to give drivers more flexibility within the regulations and more control over deciding when it is safe to drive and when it is not, without hurting their bottom line,” said Andrew King, research assistant with the OOIDA Foundation.  “It is important to know what’s in the rule and how best to use it.”

The videos are available at the following links on YouTube:

More about the OOIDA Foundation

The OOIDA Foundation, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Corporation and conducts research concerning economic and safety issues affecting the motor carrier industry. The OOIDA Foundation is unique in that research and safety issues are viewed from the professional driver’s perspective. The Mission Statement of the Foundation is to fight for the rights of truckers and does so through research and education.

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