Craig DeReu is an OOIDA senior member. Craig comes from a family of truckers that include his grandfather, brother and nephew. Craig has his own authority and runs a one-truck, two-trailer operation and primarily hauls livestock. He has been in trucking for 25 years. He recently purchased a dry van and plans to haul seed corn over the winter when the livestock business slows down.

Craig would like to join the OOIDA board in order to add his 2 cents to the industry and lend his voice to the issues he sees in trucking on an ongoing basis. He’s tired of complaining about all the problems in the trucking industry and is ready to take action. Craig believes he has a unique perspective, coming from the side of trucking that is responsible for feeding the nation. He is a self-taught and hands-on trucker that takes a lot of pride in what he does for a living.

Craig is very concerned with the amount of rules and regulations that are being implemented in the trucking industry. He believes those excessive rules make it exceedingly difficult for many drivers to stay in business and do their job. Craig thinks this especially holds true in the specialized sectors of trucking. Being a livestock hauler, he can think of many examples of how current and proposed trucking regulations fail to work when applied with a blanket approach.

Another issue Craig views as a major problem is not enough safe parking places for truckers. He sees truck stops regularly being filled to capacity in the evening and not being cleared out until morning. Craig knows that forces many truckers to park somewhere unsafe more times than not, especially after the ELD mandate was put in place. Craig also worries about the rising costs of insurance and how that will affect many businesses in the industry.

Craig went to school to be a mechanical drafter. Craig is married, and his wife helps him stay in tune with new rules and regulations while also helping to run the business. When not trucking, he enjoys the peace and quiet the Illinois country life has to offer.