Number of years trucking: 64
Make, model and year of truck: 1993 W900L KW and 2001 Utility Reefer Trailer

What type of load do you typically haul: Food products, canned, frozen and fresh produce, and meat products

Family information: Wife, Martha; son, James; daughters, Carol and Christine.
Martha, retired tax preparer and bookkeeper; son James is a truck driver; Carol is supervisor for DuPont; Christina is a counselor at school for delinquent boys. John and Martha will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary next January.

Favorite trucking story or moment: In 1976, my two daughters just out of high school followed me to Tucson, AZ delivering a new pick-up to my brother, and the experiences we encountered, like getting separated in Tucumcari, NM, delivering 2000 in the pick-up to White Sands, NM missile base, nearly losing control of the pick-up due to my fuel line break.

What do you like about the industry?: Traveling to all 48 states and the people I’ve met. All the many friends I’ve made, and the pride I feel for the sacrifices all truckers have made for the economic situation of our country.

What do you dislike about the industry?: The negative attitude of the public. The constant harassment of local, state, and federal agencies that seem to be administered for revenue generating rather than true safety. Delays and lumping charges due to shippers and receivers. Also low rates.

What makes you successful as an owner-operator?: Steady hard work and doing some maintenance work on equipment myself. Good contacts in regards to hauling, plus having my own ICC authority.

Why are you a member of OOIDA?: Because of the voice we have in Washington and the only organization fighting for the rights of the independent truckers and drivers.

Anything else you would like to add?: I believe very strongly that organized crime may be laundering drug money (billions) through the trucking industry, keeping the rates low. Honest truckers and trucking companies cannot compete if this is true. I would like to see a full scale investigation by the U.S. Attorney General’s office to prove or disprove my theory.