Name: Kenneth Becker
Number of years trucking: First drove trucks in 1974
Make, model and year of truck: 1998 Volvo 610

What type of load do you typically haul?: Train parts, railroad equipment, pipe, and general flatbed freight.

Favorite trucking story or moment: I was headed south out of Nebraska on 281 and decided to stay on Kansas 181 to cut through the woods. The highway is on the map, but it was just along Kansas’s hills and there was no traffic at all. I was rolling into Tipton mid morning going right by the grade school. It was recess and there were kids playing outside. They looked to be third graders and when they saw me approaching, I swear every kid on the playground ran to the fence, jacking their arms so they could hear the big air horns blow. I was so proud to give them a blast long and loud. You should have seen all their smiling faces. It was as if God was giving us both a special gift. Nowhere have I seen such spontaneous reaction by all the children. They were innocent and oblivious to the world outside their tiny little town. It was a moment I will always cherish.

What do you like about the industry?: The trucking business provides a good solid foundation for hardworking men and women to excel as entrepreneurs. People having a comradely attitude about supplying the country’s needs, helping their neighbors and the kids down the street. Pride! At the end of the day you can look back and say, “I’ve done my best!” When you do your best, everybody takes notice.

What do you dislike about the industry?: On the other hand, how the greed, inconsideration, trashy behavior and abusive talk on the CB by so few in the business, has such a profound impact on the mentality of the American public. The contentious, selfish, thieving carriers out there breed this activity.

What makes you successful as an owner-operator?: The knowledge of what profit/loss means. Managing your expenses day to day may seem small on a weekly basis, but at the end of the year, it can mean profit or making a payment or giving you the ability to make a purchase. This business takes money to operate, so you need to be able to know where to make the cuts. You have to make business decisions that are important for your well-being.

Why are you a member of OOIDA?: As a lifetime member, to me, OOIDA represents a group of people: truckers. OOIDA is dedicated to resolve burdens, hardships and bureaucratic legislation by means of member support, grass roots activities, legal venues in the courts and by supplying help to its members in all areas so they, the truckers, can sustain the best interests for themselves and their fellow truckers. To put it simply – truckers helping truckers!

Additional comments: I would like to thank all the members of OOIDA and the nominating committee for giving me the opportunity to serve you as a director on the board.