OOIDA senior member Kurt Plummer has been a trucker since 1996. He fell in love with trucking from the start. During a break in his trucking career, he earned his degree in agricultural education from Kent State University. Even after earning his degree, he couldn’t stay away from trucking for very long. Kurt also served in the Army for eight years from 1993 to his honorable discharge in 2001. Kurt is the oldest of his seven siblings.

Kurt would like to join the OOIDA board so he can give his best back to the trucking industry and, specifically, to OOIDA members. He feels like he has gained the experience to do just that. He has a very strong desire to do whatever it takes to help his fellow truck drivers. Kurt has an 18-year safe driving award and has been a new driver trainer for almost 10 years. He is a company driver for a carrier out of Wisconsin and sits on the company’s driver council. Kurt drives a Kenworth truck and primarily hauls beer in the eastern half of the country.

Kurt believes safety should be a top priority in the trucking industry. He really pushes safe, accident-free driving when he is training new drivers. He believes quality, truck driver training programs would be extraordinarily beneficial to the industry. Another important issue to Kurt is the physical health of drivers. He changed his diet, listens to health books on tape and has become more health conscious. In doing so, Kurt lost just shy of 100 pounds in the last couple of years. Kurt would also like to see more safe parking areas open to truckers.

Kurt has been very grateful for his experiences and knowledge gained throughout his years in trucking. He enjoys having the experience of putting chains on, of hooking up and pulling doubles and of hauling hazmat loads. He believes his experiences have helped him immensely in his career. Kurt also likes being able to share his knowledge with other drivers. He is a people person and enjoys meeting, conversing with and learning from other drivers when he makes his stops. Kurt says he is the kind of driver that is willing to do anything for anybody.