Name: Mark Elrod
Numbers of years trucking: 32
Make, model & year of truck: 1985 IH 9670

What type of load do you typically haul?: Logs, lumber, firewood, grain

Family information: Wife, Margo; daughter, Mia; son, Mason; grandsons, Zyan and Xander

Favorite trucking story or moment: I have a few, but would probably take too much space.

What do you like about the industry?: I like the variety of things you do, people you meet and things you see.

What do you dislike about the industry?: Hours of service regs; things done in the name of safety that are unsafe; being personally regulated more than the people that run the country; other trucking organizations that don’t represent trucking’s best interests.

What makes you successful as an owner-operator?: Trying to keep costs down while receiving a fair rate per mile.

Why are you a member of OOIDA?: They are the only organization representing the owner-operator’s interests, especially in Washington.

Additional comments: The other members of the board, the management and employees of OOIDA are some of the finest people you will ever meet.