Sylvia Dodson is the OOIDA Board Employee Director. She has has been employed with OOIDA since 1986. She manages the Membership Department and oversees five employees.

She is married to her husband, John. They have two children, Daniel and Amy, and four grandchildren.

Sylvia likes the heart and camaraderie of truckers in the trucking industry.

“They may not always see eye to eye on issues or certain things; but if there is someone hurt, stranded or in need of help, especially a soldier or a veteran (even fur babies), all differences are set aside, and they come together” she says.

Sylvia says she had stayed with OOIDA all this time “because I truly believe in what we (OOIDA) do for truckers on all levels. I have witnessed over and over the difference we make in their lives, and it is awesome to be a part of that.”