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The OOIDA Foundation performs the only research exclusive to owner-operators and drivers who are the most effected by regulatory agencies and economic changes. This information is used to promote the rights of truckers and to give various local, state and federal agencies insight into who these truckers are and how regulations and legislation can affect … Continued


OOIDA Foundation ELDs

ELD Research

Company Device Name Model Number Device Type Initial Cost Ongoing Fees Features Year Founded Company WebSite Pricing Info on site Contact Number Contact Email Alert Gps Inc Alert Gps Inc. ELD Alert ELD BYOD | Android or paired with ruggedized tablet 95 Monthly: $25 24/7 customer support, customer service in multiple languages, GPS tracking, IFTA … Continued

Research Partnerships

The OOIDA Foundation (OOFI), due to its unique relationship and affiliation with OOIDA, the largest non-profit national trade association representing over 160,000 small business owners and professional truck drivers, has been asked to partner with various research groups and organizations.  OOFI frequently works with research entities that are involved in the trucking industry in order … Continued

Other Research

In addition to our Owner-Operator and Independent Driver surveys, OOIDA Foundation continues to reach out to our members by conducting further research.  Numerous issues affect the trucking industry today, and OOIDA is adamant in defending the rights of all truck drivers.  In order to accomplish this, OOIDA needs information from those truckers who are out … Continued