OOIDA Members Save $30 on Nexar Dash Cams

Nexar-powered dash cams enable new vision-based applications for better driving. When drivers pair Nexar-powered dash cams with the Nexar app, they join a network that powers new applications for driving and seeing the world. OOIDA members will receive a $30 discount on Nexar dash cams

Nexar Insurance Platform

Nexar makes drivers feel protected, knowing you’ll be covered by visual evidence in case of an accident. The automatic clip creation on the cloud when something happens provides ease of mind and endless smooth handling of the claim. Drivers have proof of what happened and can show insurers and law enforcement what happened immediately, via the Nexar app on their smartphone.

One-Click Report

Nexar’s One Click Report™ allows users to easily report accidents to their insurer through the Nexar app. By joining the One Click Report™ ecosystem, insurers can receive accident video and sensor data (location, speed and g-force) to their claims inbox in an easy-to-read PDF report.

Collision Reconstruction

Collision Insights utilizes sensor data and camera video to reconstruct accidents. By offering a detailed reconstruction, Nexar provides drivers and claim adjusters much needed context and a source-of-truth to resolve claims quickly and efficiently.

To order with your OOIDA member discount and find out more information about Nexar dash cams, visit https://www.getnexar.com/partnerships/ooida