In addition to our Owner-Operator and Independent Driver surveys, OOIDA Foundation continues to reach out to our members by conducting further research.  Numerous issues affect the trucking industry today, and OOIDA is adamant in defending the rights of all truck drivers.  In order to accomplish this, OOIDA needs information from those truckers who are out on the road and experiencing the problems first hand.

The Foundation has recently performed a number of surveys to gather our members’ insight:

  • On-Board Recorder Survey
  • 2012 Lumper Survey
  • Joint effort with Volpe National Transportation Systems Center to administer a Truck Driver Work and Compensation Survey.

We received phenomenal feedback from our members and gathered great information, especially in our On-Board Recorder Survey.  In August 2011, OOIDA won a big victory when the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit ruled FMCSA to vacate their electronic on-board recorder (EOBR) rule because FMCSA did not address the issue of harassment and EOBRs.  However, FMCSA has continued to encourage carriers to use EOBRs.  With our members assistance OOIDA was able to show the abundant forms of harassment that drivers incur because of EOBRS.  OOIDA continues to fight against an EOBR mandate provision that is being discussed even now, as Conferees work on constructing a new highway bill.  The mandate would cost the trucking industry $2 billion.

OOIDA not only fights for the rights of all truckers, but we also wish to inform our members of all the ever-changing laws, regulations, and news that affect the trucking industry.  OOIDA has its own magazine and radio program called Land Line and Land Line Now respectfully, and the Foundation continues to administer surveys for both.  Every year we conduct a Land Line Reader Survey in order to find out who are subscribers are and how our magazine performs.  Our recent Land Line Now Survey has delved deeper than ever before to discover what exactly our listeners want, and how we can help inform them.

The Mission Statement of the Foundation is to fight for the rights of truckers through research and education, and a large part of that is the surveys we conduct and the information we receive from our members.