Legislators are attempting to make sweeping changes in laws that will directly affect you and your trucking business. We at OOIDA are asking you to pledge that you will write at least two letters to legislators over the next twelve months to express your voice on critical issues. When an issue come up, OOIDA will sound out a “Call to Action” letter and e-mail to those truckers who have made this pledge that will describe the pending issue and will include how to contact your legislators and points you might want to make in your letter. If you do not believe a particular issue is important, you are not obligated to write.

Members of Congress do listen to their constituents and even a few letters can determine the opinion of a representative on an issue. We realize your pledge will require an investment of your time and a relatively modest expense, but we believe there is nothing that would be more effective in making improvements for professional truckers than joining us in this effort.

“If lawmakers don’t hear from you, they are free to ignore you.”

Why we need to get involved, and how to go about it.

This year’s legislative labors are certain to be especially critical to the way you conduct your trucking business. Efforts likely to receive attention in legislatures across the country include highway tolls, transportation bonds, fuel taxes and speed limits, to name a few. You can have a powerful effect on the decisions lawmakers make.

Are you ready to be a player?

Here are four easy steps to making your concerns known to those who shape your state laws:

1. If you are an OOIDA member and you don’t know who your elected officials are or how to contact them, you can call the Association’s Membership Department at 816-229-5791 and they’ll look it up for you.

2. On a daily basis you can monitor the Web sites at landlinemag.com and ooida.com, and tune in to “Land Line Now” on The Road Dog on SiriusXM Channel 146 for updates on legislative action in your state. For in-depth coverage and a state-by-state accounting of action that relates to your business, read “State Update” in every issue of Land Line.

3. Don’t sit on the sidelines. Contact your elected officials and express your concerns.

4. If you become aware of a new law being proposed in your home state that would affect trucking, call Land Line at 816-229-5791 and ask State Legislative Editor Keith Goble to place it on the state legislative watch list.

Help us help you!

If you are on our Call to Action list and your e-mail address has changed, or you simply aren’t receiving Call to Action E-mail Alerts, be sure to let us know so we can make sure you don’t miss any important information.

To enroll in the OOIDA Call To Action program, click here. (Only members can enroll in the program).Then, the next time legislation comes up that will have an impact on the trucking industry, we’ll let you know about it.

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