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FMCSA nominee focuses on safety during Senate hearingBulk Transporter06/09/2022
CTA Calls Request to Deny High Court Consideration of AB 5 'Head-Scratchingly Wrong'Transport Topics06/08/2022
Speed limiters divide truckload meeting safety stakeholdersBulk Transporter06/07/2022
Senators Introduce TSA Threat Assessment Enrollment BillTransport Topics06/07/2022
Drive-Safe Act ignores safetyNatchitoches Times06/06/2022
FMCSA Technology Chief Says Automated Truck Proposal Targeted for Late 2022Transport Topics06/06/2022
Market turn inspires owner-operators to partner up with larger fleetsFreightWaves06/03/2022
Commentary: Truckers Speak Out over Proposed Rule That Could Impose Speed Limits as Low as 60 MPH on RigsThe Minnesota Sun05/31/2022
Truckers Criticize Speed Limiter Announcement, Citing Safety, Rolling Roadblocks And Road RageMovin' Out Magazine05/30/2022
KCTV5 NewsKCTV5 News05/23/2022
A Carbon Dioxide Delivery Driver’s Long Journey to Expose AirgasThe Intercept05/23/2022
Blowing the Truck WhistleThe American Prospect05/23/2022
Trucking groups ask for more time to comment on speed limitersOverdrive05/20/2022
TRAA and OOIDA Share Opposition to Proposed Speed Limiting DevicesTow Times05/20/2022
100 Years of Covering Trucking: '70s Through the '80sHeavy Duty Trucking05/19/2022
Groups Urge Cautious Approach With EPA NOx ProposalTransport Topics05/19/2022
Soaring fuel prices leave owner-operators with tough choicesFreightWaves05/16/2022
FMCSA draws thousands of comments from drivers, carriers on speed limiter proposalThe Trucker05/11/2022
FMCSA Proposes CMV Speed-Limiting Device RuleEHS Daily Advisor05/10/2022
FMCSA renews proposal for speed limiters on large trucks and busesSafety+Health Magazine05/10/2022
Where does trucking stand on oral-fluid drug testing?FreightWaves05/07/2022
Cannabis confusion: Thousands of truckers taken off the job amid supply chain woesPolitico05/07/2022
As diesel prices soar, small trucking businesses struggle to stay afloatWashington Examiner05/06/2022
NTSB says regulators should pursue more flexible truck speed mandateFreightWaves05/04/2022
Industry Reacts to FMCSA's Plans on Heavy-Truck Speed LimitersTransport Topics05/04/2022
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