OOIDA legislative and regulatory issues are discussed and approved at every Directors Meeting. Below is the agenda for 2016. You can stay up to date on call to action items at this link, Fighting for Truckers

Legislative Agenda for 2016:

  • Pursue solutions to safety, work loss and homeland security concerns caused by the influx of foreign drivers on America’s highways.
  • Ensure the enforcement of federal cabotage laws.
  • Pursue initiatives that will effectively increase highway safety.
  • Oppose unfounded and anticompetitive measures that are falsely promoted as safety initiatives such as mandatory speed limiting devices for commercial motor vehicles and federally required electronic onboard recorders.
  • Pursue solutions to maintain a safe and efficient national highway system through equitable and cost-efficient highway funding.
  • Oppose the privatization of existing public transportation infrastructure.
  • Pursue solutions to loading/unloading problems, coerced lumping and excessive detention time.
  • Promote mandatory driver education and training for all entry-level truck drivers.
  • Promote the implementation of graduated CDLs.
  • Pursue increased standards for driver training and facilities and driver trainers to help promote safe, experienced, and qualified drivers.
  • Promote Hours-of-Service rules that reduce driver fatigue, provide for efficient vehicle operation and ensure compliance by all stakeholders.
  • Ensure federal and state authorities enforce and codify regulations that protect the economic vitality of small businesses in the trucking industry.
  • Establish full transparency in trucking-related transactions.
  • Promote the full pass through of fuel surcharges to individuals bearing fuel costs.
  • Expand the number of safe and secure places for trucks to park as an important part of highway safety.
  • Increase broker registration oversight and surety bond requirements.
  • Expand the enforcement of existing laws governing freight brokers.
  • Remove truck drivers’ exemption from the Fair Labor Standards Act requirements for overtime pay and promote hourly compensation for employee drivers.
  • Pursue objectives that remind lawmakers that drivers have rights and deserve a safe, humane, and equitable work environment.

Current Federal Legislation

Legislative issues on the federal level can heat up and flame out in the blink of an eye. However, there are several bills – some with several different versions in both chambers, others as stand-alone bills – of interest to truckers.

The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association keeps close tabs on these issues on a daily basis. The following links are a snapshot of some of the biggest pieces of legislation that could affect your lives on the road.

State Issues

OOIDA’s list of priority issues for states include:

  • public/private partnerships
  • tolls
  • motor vehicle fees
  • vehicle miles traveled taxes
  • fuel taxes
  • uniform speed limits
  • idling restrictions
  • truck enforcement (parking, route restrictions)
  • automated enforcement (speed cameras and red light cameras)
  • left lane use (truck lane restrictions, etc.)
  • snow and ice removal
  • 400-pound APU weight exemptions.