URS-logoThe Biennial Update requirement is the first stage of implementation for FMCSA’s Unified Registration System (URS). URS streamlines the registration process and serves as a clearinghouse and a repository of information on all FMCSA-regulated entities required to register with the Agency: motor carriers, brokers, freight forwarders, intermodal equipment providers (IEPs), hazardous materials safety permit (HMSP) applicants/holders, and cargo tank manufacturing and repair facilities. The URS combines multiple registration processes, information technology systems and forms into a single, electronic on-line registration process.

Currently, regulation 49 CFR 390.19 requires that motor carriers, HMSP applicants/ holders, and IEPs file the Motor Carrier Identification Report (Form MCS-150) and obtain a USDOT number before they begin operation, and then update their registration every 24 months, according to the schedule set forth in 49 CFR 390.19(b). On November 1, 2013, all motor carriers, HMSP applicant/holders or intermodal equipment providers that failed to submit a timely biennial update, according to the table in § 390.19(b), or failed to submit an update if the filing was overdue became subject to the penalties listed in 49 CFR 390.19(b)(4). Also beginning on November 1, 2013, motor carriers operating commercial motor vehicles in interstate commerce are prohibited from operating without an active USDOT number and USDOT Registration.

A motor carrier that registers its vehicles in a State that participates in the Performance and Registration Information Systems Management (PRISM) program may satisfy the biennial update requirements by electronically filing all required information with the State according to its policies and procedures, provided the State has integrated the USDOT registration update capability into its vehicle registration program. This does not apply to HMSP holders who must update their MCS-150B every two years with FMCSA, regardless of their participation in PRISM.

During roadside inspections and/or compliance investigations, if it is discovered that a carrier is operating without an active USDOT number or USDOT Registration it will be cited with the violation § 392.9(b) – Operating a commercial motor vehicle in interstate commerce without a USDOT registration and/or active USDOT number. If it is determined that the motor carrier responsible for the operation of such a vehicle is operating in violation of 49 CFR 390.19(b), it may be subject to penalties in accordance with 49 U.S.C. 521(b)(2)(B) and prescribed in Appendix B to part 386; up to $1,000 for each day the violation continues or 49 U.S.C. 14901(a), as appropriate.

How Do I File My Biennial Update?

Motor carriers, hazardous material safety permit applicants/holders, and intermodal equipment providers regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) must update their registration information every two years (biennial updates). Failure to comply with the biennial update requirements will result in penalties and USDOT number deactivation.

To File Your Biennial Update:

  • Go to www.fmcsa.dot.gov/BiennialUpdate, sign in using the PIN provided in your warning notice from FMCSA, and complete the biennial update process.
  • You may also complete the biennial update process by mail or by fax. Go towww.fmcsa.dot.gov/BiennialUpdate and request or download the MC-150 form. Complete the form and follow the provided instructions for mailing or faxing it to FMCSA.

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