Physican's NameKatie Myers
Doctor's Office NameDoctor's Urgent Care Office
Address5920 Colerain Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45239
United States
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DOT Certification Date12/10/2014
Overall experience was Terrible
Ease of scheduling an appointmentNot so great
Rate the accuracy and honesty of the CME's evaluationTerrible
Was additional testing required?Yes
If Yes, do you feel the additional testing was necessary?No
Was there truck parking?No
Additional comments

Dr does not like truckers at all. Believes the erroneous documentation supplied by certain groups is correct. Drivers should be given 3 month qualified. Very anti-trucker and she said drivers are a menace. She said that will prevent trucks from killing the public. Did not like her attitude toward drivers. She says drivers should have additional testing. So they don't endanger the public.