Physican's NameTabitha Robin Ellsworth
Doctor's Office NameEllsworth Chiropractic
Address3701 Nameoki Road Unit E
Granite City, IL 62040
United States
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DOT Certification Date03/14/2013
Overall experience was Excellent
Ease of scheduling an appointmentExcellent
Rate the accuracy and honesty of the CME's evaluationExcellent
Was additional testing required?No
Was there truck parking?Yes
If Yes, what type of truck parking?Tractor Trailer
Any truck parking tips to share?

tractor trailer truck parking right at the front door up to 50 trucks can park at one time in Dr. Ellsworth's parking lot. Easy turn around in parking lot. Parking Lot paved black top.

Additional comments

Dr. Ellsworth provides long form and wallet card. Office very cool temp in summer. Office staff very nice. WALK-IN Monday-Friday 9am to 6pm. I did not have to make an appointment. Low wait time. 5-10 minutes before my turn. This office takes credit card, check, cash. Also my boss called and set up an account so that the driver's he sends here will invoice his company so driver does not have to pay at time of physical. Followed the Regulations and ONLY the regulations. I got a good physical.