Physican's NameJuan L Zamora
Doctor's Office NameDOT Medical and Drug Testing Services
Address245 E Grauwyler Rd
Irving, TX 75061
United States
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DOT Certification Date03/14/2015
Overall experience wasPretty good
Ease of scheduling an appointmentExcellent
Rate the accuracy and honesty of the CME's evaluationExcellent
Was additional testing required?No
Was there truck parking?No
Any truck parking tips to share?

I used my companies vehicle. It's in a strip mall. It's in a pediatric clinic. Signs in lot say no trucks. There's room for bobtails just not sure I would park.

Additional comments

He's very thorough and it's time consuming. He checks A1c in his office. He checks sugar in urine with a test strip. All I had was my SD card from my CPAP. He gave me a 3 month card so I could get a printed copy report. But he told me if I was supposed to do a sleep every year unless that written report was supplied. Not sure that's correct.