Name: Charles P. Parfrey
Number of years trucking: 17
What type of load do you typically haul?: Pulled a flatbed. Now we broker flatbed, stepdeck and lowboy freight

Family information: Wife, Donna L. Parfrey

Favorite Trucking Story or Moment: They are all good…some better than others. We saw places in this country we would never have had the chance to see if it were not for the truck.

What do you like about the industry?: The people and the challenge. As a kid playing with trucks in the dirt, all I wanted was a truck of my own, which I bought in 1984 and ran until 1994 when we started a brokerage office with three people. Today we employ 14 people. The industry, through good times and bad has been good to us.

What makes you successful as an owner-operator?: I believe it was because I ran my truck as a business and I paid attention to business.

Why are you a member of OOIDA?: In 1985, I was looking for an organization that was doing something for the driver/owner operator and the industry. OOIDA fit that bill.