The trucking industry consists of several different types of operations and segments.  While one size certainly doesn’t fit all, we tend to breakdown the industry into three main operational types: Owner-Operators, Leased-on Owner-Operators, and Company Drivers.

It’s good to know the current conditions of the freight market, but it’s also important to understand what the future holds, especially for your segment of the industry.

The bottom line: We will look at each of these segments in the Quarterly Report:

    • Owner-Operator Outlook
    • Leased-on Owner-Operator Outlook
  • Company Drivers Outlook
  • Overall Trucking Industry
  • Overall Freight Market

Click a link below for the full Quarterly Report.

  • Q1 2024 Update
  • Q2 2024 coming in September
  • Q3 2024 coming in December
  • Q4 2024 coming in March
About our Quarterly Update

The big picture: OOFI asked members if they use economic analysis and information published by groups such as DAT, FreightWaves, Cass, etc. to which:

  • 50% said no, and
  • 19% said they didn’t know such information was available.

However, 93% told us they would like to have this kind of information so that they could understand the current and future state of the freight market.

The bottom line: The members spoke and OOFI listened.  We started publishing a monthly market update and we haven’t looked back since.  However, we didn’t stop there, we are now producing a quarterly market update as well.

So what’s the difference:

  • The monthly update is a deep dive into the trucking market, as well as the overall freight market, with a focus on van, flatbed, and refrigerated trailers.
  • The quarterly update is a general look into both of these markets with a focus on owner-operators under their own authority, leased-on owner-operators, and company drivers.

How to read the report