OOIDA disappointed in withdrawal of Independent Contractor Rule May 5, 2021 The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association expressed disappointment that the Department of Labor (DOL) will withdraw a rule that would have provided owner-operators additional certainty about their worker classification status. Continue Reading
Industry Coalition Tells Blue Dogs, Problem Solvers, to reject unnecessary insurance increases May 5, 2021 The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, along with a coalition of more than 60 organizations, representing the trucking, agriculture, construction, manufacturing, materials and towing industries, sent letters to members of the U.S. House of Representatives’ Blue Dog Coalition and Problem Solvers Caucus. Continue Reading
Truckers tell House T&I to drop anti-trucking provisions in new highway bill April 26, 2021 The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association said in a letter to the U.S. House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee that if last year’s proposed highway bill is a template for the upcoming version, the organization will again adamantly oppose it. Continue Reading
Truckers tell Buttigieg: Prioritize truck parking April 21, 2021 The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association sent this letter to U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg imploring the Biden Administration to include dedicated funding for truck parking in the American Jobs Plan infrastructure package. OOIDA has long advocated addressing a severe, national shortage of safe parking for long-haul truck drivers… Continue Reading
Truckers warn government about autonomous trucks and lack of maker transparency April 8, 2021 The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association filed comments warning federal transportation agencies that a lack of transparency not only violates their own mission statements but is also dangerous for all of the motoring public when it comes to efforts to integrate autonomous or Automated Driving Systems into trucking. Continue Reading
Truckers petition for rehearing against Indiana’s excessive and discriminatory tolls April 1, 2021 The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association filed a petition on March 23 for a rehearing in a lawsuit against excessive and discriminatory truck tolls in Indiana. An opinion was issued from the Federal District Court in Indianapolis March 9 that the tolls are not subject to Commerce Clause restrictions as argued… Continue Reading
A safe place to park and rest: Truckers applaud bipartisan bill to relieve severe truck parking shortage March 29, 2021 Finding a safe place to park is something most people take for granted, but it’s a daily struggle for hundreds of thousands of long-haul truckers. The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association applauds the bipartisan group of U.S. Representatives that has shown they understand the challenges truckers face by introducing H.R. Continue Reading
OOIDA urges CDC to make COVID-19 vaccines available to truckers March 8, 2021 OOIDA sent a letter to the head of the Centers for Disease Control pointing out the sacrifices made by truckers during the length of the pandemic and the need to make the vaccine available at truck stops and rest areas. Continue Reading
OOIDA rejects ATA’s call for speed limiter mandate March 5, 2021 The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association sent a letter to the U.S. Department of Transportation, telling them to reject failed speed limiter proposals that have been resurrected by the American Trucking Associations in coordination with Road Safe America. Continue Reading
OOIDA to Congress: Truckers can survive COVID-19 as long as you don’t run them out of business February 4, 2021 The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association will bring a straight forward message to a Congressional hearing tomorrow on behalf of the nation’s truck drivers with regard to surviving COVID-19: Truckers are continuing to struggle under COVID, but their biggest concern is being run out of business by lawmakers in Washington. Continue Reading