Leased Owner-Operators

Take control of your own insurance.

You may be thinking that it’s convenient to carry all the necessary types of truck insurance coverage through your motor carrier. However, many leased owner-operators are discovering the advantages of securing their insurance independently.

When you secure your own insurance, the policies are in your name, not in the carrier’s. You know exactly what you are paying and can get competitive quotes from insurers. Letting your carrier purchase this important business need is no guarantee for the best price. Controlling your own insurance will also mean you will be covered without interruption should you leave your carrier in the future.

OOSI’s licensed agents can give you the confidence you need to make the best choices when it comes to insuring your truck and your business.

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OOSI offers the following types of insurance for the leased owner-operator:

  • Bobtail Liability provides liability coverage while the truck is being operated without a trailer attached, whether dispatched or not.
  • Unladen Liability provides liability coverage while the truck is being operated with an attached empty trailer, or without any trailer at all, whether dispatched or not.
  • Passenger Accident Coverage provides accidental death and dismemberment coverage and accidental medical expense coverage for authorized passengers, with no deductible and no minimum age limits.
  • Physical Damage covers loss or damage to an insured vehicle caused by collision, fire, theft or vandalism on an actual cash value basis. Our coverage includes glass breakage, chip repair (glass) and downtime coverage for trucks with no additional premium to our members. **Combined Deductible: if both tractor and trailer are insured under the physical damage coverage and are involved in the same accident, only one deductible will apply (the highest deductible on the policy).

Optional Coverages sold in conjunction with Physical Damage:

  • Additional or Optional Downtime Coverage – Extended protection for periods of downtime due to repairs following a covered physical damage claim. Limits of coverage available of up to $300 per day with a maximum of $18,000. (14-day waiting period will apply).
  • Breakdown Coverage – If you’ve ever been caught stranded on the side of the interstate, you’ll know why breakdown coverage is important. It helps to pay for towing and labor in the event of those unforeseen predicaments that happen sometimes. Travel with the confidence that comes with OOSI’s breakdown coverage.
  • Personal Property – Protection of personal property carried in your truck that is not covered under any other insurance policy. We offer a variety of limits ranging from $2,000 to $5,000 so you can choose the amount of coverage that you require. Each limit is subject to a deductible.
  • Limited Depreciation Coverage – If you have a new current model tractor, you stand to be hit with a lot of depreciation during your first couple of years of ownership. This coverage virtually eliminates depreciation on your new, current model tractor.
  • Gap Coverage – Provides protection for the difference between your loan payoff and the market value in the event of a total loss by collision. This coverage is available for both tractors and trailers.
  • Supplemental Towing and Clean-Up – Provides towing needs from the scene of a covered loss and cleanup to help with the cost of removal of debris and cleaning of the immediate vicinity of an accident following a covered loss (subject to limit of coverage purchased).
  • Rental Reimbursement – Get reimbursed for rental in the event of a covered loss under physical damage with paid invoice from a valid rental company and the completed reimbursement form. Maximum coverage limited to $300 per day with a maximum during any one policy period of $9,000 per covered automobile. Also available for loss covered under OOSI’s roadside breakdown coverage.
  • Trailer Interchange – If your shipper or motor carrier requires you to be responsible for damage to any non-owned undescribed trailers pulled by your vehicle, you’ll need to add trailer interchange to your policy.

Phone 800-715-9369 to discuss your insurance needs with one of our agents. It’s a free call and a free consultation. E-mail us at

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