OOIDA’s Compliance Connection

OOIDA offers a program that will assist you to be compliant with driver files, vehicle maintenance, and other record keeping programs. Compliance Connection offers a user friendly system with 24/7 access to your files.

Driver Files:

  • Complete driver qualification files compliant with FMCSR’s
  • Creates required driver list
  • Review of all forms to ensure they are filled out completely and correctly
  • Verification of previous three years work history
  • Medical certificates, MVR’s, and CDL’s are tracked for expiration dates and an alert notice will be sent before the document expires

To enroll, please call OOIDA Business Service department for a quote and additional information.
Email us for more information.

Equipment Files:

  • Schedule and track all maintenance
  • Houses annual inspections, roadside inspections, and DVIR’s
  • There will be reminders built into the system for when certain maintenance items must be addressed
  • Members will be able to enter all equipment repairs and maintenance for their records
  • Keeps track of costs and cost per mile based on information inputted by user

Carrier Permits:

  • Keeps IFTA license, UCR, NYHUT, KYU, New Mexico weight distance and OR weight Distance permits
  • Reminders will be emailed prior to permits expiration date
  • Keeps 2290 as well as MCS 150 and a reminder will be sent when carrier must update MCS 150

Other Files:

  • Keeps files and documents organized for user to easily put together records for New Entrant Safety Audit
  • Keeps leases, contracts, permits, training certs, and other resources in an easy to access location
  • Insurance certification and documents (MCS 90)
  • Drug and Alcohol testing information can be stored in the system as well, whether you use CMCI or another consortium
  • Compliance Connection provides an FMCSA compliant Accident Register

Compliance Connection can do much more. Please call us at 800-444-5791 for a quote and additional information.

Compliance Connection does not house Driver Logs or supporting documents nor do we file IFTA tax returns.