OOIDA’s Business Services Permit & Licensing Unit is available to assist members in filing for their own authority.

OOIDA’s experienced staff can steer you through the entire process in the shortest amount of time at minimal cost. Here is a list of permit and licensing important renewal dates.

  1. Common Authority
  2. Broker Authority
  3. Freight Forwarder Authority
  4. Household Goods Authority
  5. Private Carrier
  6. Exempt for Hire
  7. Hazmat Authority
  8. Name/Address changes
  9. Revocation
  10. US DOT number
  11. Process Agent (BOC-3)

Here is a link to learn more about getting your own authority.


OOIDA’s trained agents are available to assist you with many of your permit needs.

  1. IFTA
  2. UCR
  3. Heavy Highway Use Tax (2290)
  4. Weight Distance State Permits; Kentucky, New Mexico, Oregon, New York, and Connecticut.
  5. Oregon Bond
  6. Apportioned Plates (IRP)
  7. SCAC code
  8. Intrastate authority permit
  9. Annual renewals

Combine all operating needs in one quick call to our Authority Unit and ask about One-Stop shopping.

  1. OOIDA’s authority unit will handle your authority needs
  2. Permit needs
  3. Drug Consortium needs
  4. Expedited final letter
  5. BOC 3 filing

One-Stop was designed to save money and time. Special tier pricing has been implemented to save you money when OOIDA handles all your operating needs.

Ask your authority agent about additional cost savings when you secure your Primary Liability coverage through OOSI.

For assistance with your authority or permit needs, contact our Permit and Licensing Unit at 800-444-5791.