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Since 1973, OOIDA has worked on behalf of truckers in Washington, DC, promoting reasonable legislation that benefits their small businesses and blocking proposed rules and regulations that would be detrimental to them. Members are kept up to date on all legislative issues important to professional truckers. You can receive alerts when to contact lawmakers. We let you know when legislation is introduced which will impact your business and what actions you should take. The FMCSA proposes rules which require input from members. OOIDA lets you know when and how to post your concerns on the public docket for each of those rules.

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Our grassroots platform gives you the tools to participate in the legislative and regulatory process. Lawmakers need to hear directly from you about your challenges as a small-business trucker. and professional driver. Take action now.

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OOIDA PAC – Strength in Numbers

In conjunction with our lobbying and Call-to-Action grass-roots efforts, the OOIDA PAC raises the visibility of truckers’ views, interests and concerns among influential lawmakers. With increased visibility, OOIDA has a greater opportunity to educate lawmakers on issues important to truckers and a greater opportunity to impact what happens in Washington, DC. Help us make your voice heard in Washington by making your contribution.

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OOIDA’s Government Affairs staff in Washington DC is dedicated to educating lawmakers and policymakers on all issues that affect our members and the trucking industry. OOIDA has commented on virtually every signficant rule-making that affects professional truckers. As part of our grass-roots efforts, Call to Action alerts on hot issues are sent to our members, encouraging them to communicate their concerns directly to agencies and their elected officials.

You didn’t give up your rights when you received your CDL license. OOIDA is the only national trade association that represents truck drivers and small business truckers. We strive for a business climate where truckers are treated equally and fairly while promoting highway safety. Our efforts are focused on three major fronts: legislative, regulatory and, when necessary, in the courts.

OOIDA communicates and educates Congressional lawmakers on the issues that challenge our members’ businesses and ability to earn a living. We stay on top of legislation on a daily basis. But your lawmakers need to regularly hear from YOU directly. The regulatory process needs your voice. Make your concerns heard loud and clear by your representatives. Take the opportunity to participate in the legislative and regulatory process. OOIDA will give you the tools to do so.

Among the many issues affecting the trucking industry, OOIDA is pursuing these as priorities on behalf of our members: Mandatory speed limiters, Hours of Service regulations, driver training requirements, tolling, privatization of infrastructure, parking shortage, detention time, sleep apnea, CSA, infrastructure spending, truck size and weight, cross-border trucking, CARB and environmental regulations, and insurance minimums. Visit our web site for more information.

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