barnes-smallName: Frederick Barnes
Number of years trucking: 40
Make, model and year of truck: 2000 Freightliner Classic XL

What type of load do you typically haul?: Small packages

Family information: Mother, Georgian Barnes

What do you like about the industry?: The profit margin is very small in trucking, but it’s challenging, different and always something to learn. It keeps you adjusting and adapting to change.

What do you dislike about the industry?: There are too many watchdogs, especially the ones that are making the policies. They don’t understand the industry.

What makes you successful as an owner-operator?: I adjust and adapt to changing policies that are imposed on me. In other words, make it work, no matter what.

Why are you a member of OOIDA?: Those policy makers need to hear from the people that are doing the job and OOIDA is the best way to do it.