OOIDA Member Harry Smith is a fifth-generation trucker who drives for the heavy haul company his parents have owned for 50 years. He helps manage the family business primarily focusing on recruiting, retention and customer service in the field.

Harry would like to be elected to the OOIDA board so he can help protect the industry that has served him so well. Harry believes it is necessary for truckers to share the workload of protecting the industry against bad regulations and unfavorable working conditions. His priority over the past decade has been behind the wheel of a Kenworth moving a track hoe or bulldozer, but now he’s in a position to devote more time to advocacy. As a young trucker with old-school training, he believes he would be a great representative of the next generation in trucking.

Harry sees a gap between the older and younger generation of truckers. The younger workforce needs to realize that OOIDA is fighting for them, too. OOIDA is the only group speaking up for the person behind the wheel and Harry would like to help grow OOIDA’s membership in this area. Harry is proud of his profession and wants others to feel that same pride.

Harry believes one of the biggest problems for new, young drivers is getting caught up in unsavory contracts/agreements. He hates to see new small business truckers get ruined by a bad experience in the industry. Better education and training would go a long way in helping truckers become successful in the business. Harry is also concerned with how excessive regulations hurt truckers and wants to combat the problem by educating the public and regulating agencies on how damaging they are to trucking.

Harry says that the most important factors to being successful in the trucking industry are hard work, sacrifice and a willingness to do both. You have to make hay when the sun is shining!

Harry is married with three young children and says family is the most important thing to him. His family is the reason for everything he does. Harry spends non-work time with this wife and children – usually doing trucking type activities – and loves anything snow related!