OOIDA member Matt Bradley has been trucking for a little over a decade. He is currently a company driver pulling dry van. Matt joined OOIDA because of his interest in fighting for trucker’s rights and giving the trucking industry a voice in Washington. Matt is always talking to his fellow truck drivers, researching issues and staying current on the happenings in the trucking industry.

Matt believes he would be a great addition to the OOIDA board of directors because he brings a younger, more diverse background to the table. He would like to advocate for truckers on a national level and feels his perspective as a millennial and minority trucker would give a voice to an important demographic. He views the OOIDA board as the eyes and ears on issues that impact truckers and would welcome the responsibility of staying current and up-to-date on the various and ever-changing issues impacting transportation.

Matt says one of the biggest issues new drivers face is the lack of a solid training foundation. Truckers need to understand the laws and regulations that impact them as drivers and they need to know how to safely operate their vehicle and equipment. Another issue all truckers face is the lack of parking availability. He would like to help work with all levels of government to implement policies that will provide safe parking for all truckers. Matt would also like to work on offering easy to understand literature for drivers to stay informed of ever-changing regulations that may impact their livelihoods.

Matt believes the two most important factors to being successful in the trucking industry are safety and determination. He thinks his determination has kept him out on the road longer than some. He has had days where he’s been discouraged but being ready and able to weather those changes have been key to his success. Matt has a background in public education and is currently serving on his local school board. Some of his favorite hobbies are reading, traveling and enjoying classic cars.