Capital Reman Exchange, LLC is excited to work with OOIDA and its members to provide meaningful cost savings benefits. Capital Reman is a leader in the remanufactured diesel engine market. We currently supply owner operators, small fleets, and many OEM dealers with our remanufactured engines, engine components, and new parts.

Capital Reman Exchange offers the following member benefits:

  1. 10% discount on any Remanufactured Long Block Engines
  2. 15% discount on any Remanufactured Engine Components
  3. 5% discount on any New Parts

For a member to receive the benefit they will need to provide Capital Reman with a discount code at the time of quote and/or purchase. Upon supplying the code, any member will receive discounted pricing as applicable from current retail pricing. Capital Reman retail pricing is subject to change, however applicable discounts will be applied.

Please use the correct code when purchasing the corresponding product:

  1. OOIDA10 (Applicable for Remanufactured Long Block Engines)
  2. OOIDA15 (Applicable for Remanufactured Engine Components)
  3. OOIDA5 (Applicable for New Parts)

Check out the website to view their inventory,!