Physican's NameJohn Mulford
Doctor's Office NameMinor Emergency Of Denton
Address4400 Teasley Ln.
Denton, TX 76210
United States
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DOT Certification Date04/05/2014
Overall experience was Excellent
Ease of scheduling an appointmentExcellent
Rate the accuracy and honesty of the CME's evaluationExcellent
Was additional testing required?No
Was there truck parking?No
Any truck parking tips to share?

There is no truck parking. I live in the area and take my personal vehicle. There aren't any lots in the area where you could get a truck in, either, and not enough room on the side of the road to pull over while inside.

Additional comments

I have used this clinic for prior recerts. No appointment needed, open Saturdays and I think Sundays, too. Clean, friendly and fairly fast. No bull, just does the exam as it is specified according to the law and you're done. I am 59, 6' 240lbs, normal bp, no health problems and no prescription or OTC meds.