Physican's NameDeborah S. Franks
Doctor's Office NameTrinity Clinic
Address511 North High
Henderson, TX 75652
United States
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DOT Certification Date05/30/2014
Overall experience was Excellent
Ease of scheduling an appointmentExcellent
Rate the accuracy and honesty of the CME's evaluationExcellent
Was additional testing required?No
Was there truck parking?No
Any truck parking tips to share?

yes. take the day off and leave the damn truck at home. Most hospitals don't have truck parking either!

Additional comments

Drivers need to quit treating sleep apnea like it's a common cold! Sleep apnea can kill you;I know because I have it. I now use a CPAP and I sleep better and wake up rested and no longer get drowsy in the afternoon. Drivers also need to address their blood pressure and blood sugar as it will be checked!