Physican's NameJohn J Mainiero
Doctor's Office NameMainiero Family Chiropractic
Address663 N Main Rd
Vineland, NJ 08360
United States
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Phone(856) 691-5900
DOT Certification Date11/28/2018
Registration Number1371498491
Overall experience was Excellent
Ease of scheduling an appointmentExcellent
Rate the accuracy and honesty of the CME's evaluationExcellent
Was additional testing required?Yes
If Yes, do you feel the additional testing was necessary?Yes
Was there truck parking?Yes
If Yes, what type of truck parking?Bobtail Only
Any truck parking tips to share?

The lot was not very big and not really accessible for a truck.

Additional comments

This doctor made it very hard for me to be able to go back to work. Held up my DOT certificate for over 2 months. He wanted me off all the medications I took including medication that was not on the do not take list. Insisted I get a release from my prescribing doctor to take medications while operating commercial. This was down to and including a medicine I took for nausea. I was not able to take ANY medication before he would reinstate my dot.