Physican's NameSheikh M Zahid
Doctor's Office NameMercy Corporate Health
Address1351 Jefferson St
Suite 208
Washington, MO 63090
United States
Map It
Phone(636) 390-2600
DOT Certification Date02/26/2014
Registration Number6612113724
Overall experience wasTerrible
Ease of scheduling an appointmentPretty good
Rate the accuracy and honesty of the CME's evaluationNot so great
Was additional testing required?Yes
If Yes, do you feel the additional testing was necessary?No
Was there truck parking?No
Additional comments

Had a high result, but not a disqualification. Refused to give me a 3 month card to get things in order. Completely rude and condescending throughout the entire interaction. Will not pass if anything is in a "gray" area. Would not recommend and will not use again.