Physican's NameJennifer M Bresett
Doctor's Office NameNorthern Maine Medical Center
Address460 Main St
Madawaska, ME 04756
United States
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DOT Certification Date02/26/2014
Overall experience was Terrible
Ease of scheduling an appointmentNeutral
Rate the accuracy and honesty of the CME's evaluationTerrible
Was additional testing required?Yes
If Yes, do you feel the additional testing was necessary?No
Was there truck parking?Yes
If Yes, what type of truck parking?Bobtail Only
Additional comments

When she did the hearing test see whispered at a level nobody could have heard. When I could not understand her she actually laughed at me and said that I was probably to old to drive. Drove 200 miles to get a hearing test. Passed with flying colors. " I am 66 years old and have over 4 million accident free miles.